Preferred Parking Service

Rules and Regulations

General Parking Rules and Regulations        


Registration: Registration for parking can be completed online by visiting our website, or by visiting our office. Preferred Parking Service will not accept telephone registrations nor advanced reserved registrations. Upon registering, your parking is effective immediately. There will be additional fees charged when registering for parking (see fee schedule). Monthly payments are automated by providing either a credit/debit card or bank draft ACH (requires a check routing and account number).  All payments are collected the first business day of each month. While Preferred Parking Service wishes to accommodate our customers, we cannot accept personal checking automated bill-pay payments.


Billing:  You can change your credit/debit card information by signing into your account on our website at or by contacting our office.  Draft (ACH) changes cannot be made on the website. Please contact our office for these changes.  All account information must be updated by the 27th of the current month in order to be effective for the upcoming month.  Please note that you are not able to make a payment online at this time.    


Preferred Parking Service accepts payments from the pre-tax benefit providers of Wage Works and Commuter Check.  Parkers must adhere to their benefit provider’s adjustment deadline timeframes.   


Return Fee: There is a return payment fee (see fee schedule) on all returned payments (this includes checks, draft (ACH), and credit/debit card payments).


Changes: It is your responsibility to keep your account in current standing. You may change your vehicle information, address, email address and phone numbers via our website, or by calling our office. Parkers who fail to notify Preferred Parking Service of any changes may be subject to citations. In the event of multiple citations your vehicle may be subject to wheel locking or towing. Any fees associated with failure to keep your account or vehicle information current are the sole responsibility of the customer. Preferred Parking Service will not reimburse for any wheel lock or towing expenses. Lot changes can be made as spaces become available. You must bring your permit into the office with you in order to change your lot location.


Permits & Replacements: Your parking permit must be displayed each time you park in the lot. Permits must be displayed on the rearview mirror, numbers side facing toward the windshield of the vehicle. If you cannot place the permit on the rearview mirror, please place the permit on the dash of the vehicle. Be sure that all numbers on the permit are visible before leaving your vehicle. If the permanent parking permit is lost, there is a replacement fee (see fee schedule). Broken permits may be returned to the office and replaced free of charge. Preferred Parking Service will not accept any responsibility associated with towing or wheel locking any monthly customers’ vehicle that is not displaying a valid permit. If a reported lost/stolen/expired permit is found displayed in your vehicle on any Preferred Parking Service lot, you will be subject to fined/wheel-locked/towed at your expense. Photocopied permits are not allowed. Use of photocopied permits will lead to the vehicle being boot/towed at owner's expense.


Access Cards: Many locations require access cards/devices to access the location. Costs for these cards/devices vary by site. Monthly parkers are required to pay a non-refundable fee for these access cards/devices upon signup. If your access card is lost or stolen, there is a replacement fee (see fee schedule). If you forget your access card you will need to come to the corporate office for a validation. You will only be allowed two validations per month. If you pay to exit knowing your access card is forgotten or not working without coming to the office for a validation, we will not issue a refund. If you attempt to use your access card and it doesn’t work on exit, a refund will be issued only after research of the access card report showing an entry scan and then a scan not working on exit is proven. If a validation issued to you was used on the same day your access card is also used to exit, there will be an additional charge of $25.00 applied to your account.


Motorcycle Parking in Access Card Required Locations: The parking system and equipment are designed for use by automobiles only and are not configured to serve motorcycles, scooters or pedestrians. Do not attempt to use parking equipment with any other mode of transportation than an automobile.


Overflow: If you are unable to locate a parking space in your assigned location, please contact the Preferred Parking Service office immediately so that a Representative can direct you to a parking location closest to your designated parking lot. The Representative will notate your account and notify the enforcement field personnel that your designated location is unavailable for you to park.


Parking Spaces: Your parking privilege is valid for one space. Vehicles taking up two spaces will be required to pay for the extra space. Nonpayment for taking up two spaces will result in fines.


Simultaneous Use: Use of the permit and/or access card by two or more vehicles is not tolerated and violators will receive a parking citation and are subjected to being wheel locked or towed at the owner’s expense.


Events: Your permit is valid 24/7 EXCLUSIVE of all NFL, Bank of America Stadium, Spectrum Arena, special events, and all church activities. Vehicles on the lots after the specified departure time will be charged the posted event rate.


Cancellations: Cancellations are effective at the end of each month. Cancellation requests can be made by going online, in our office, submitted by email to or by fax. To cancel your parking online, simply login to your account by going to our website. Once you have logged into your account select the Cancel Parking button. All cancellations requests must be received in our office by the 20th of the last month of parking. Parkers are obligated for payment until proper cancellation procedures are followed and your cancellation notice is confirmed. No refunds will be issued for unused parking.


Late Cancellations: Late cancellations will be accepted in our office or via our website with a late cancellation fee (see fee schedule) from the 21st of the last month of parking until the 27th of that month.  Cancellations received on the 28th to the last day of the month will be denied for that month and be effective at the end of the following month. 


Pre-Tax Benefits Cancellations: It is your responsibility to notify your pre-tax benefits provider by their cancellation terms in order to stop your payments for the upcoming month.  The cancellation date with your pre-tax benefits provider may vary depending on your employer. Please verify with your pre-tax benefit provider your specific cut-off date.  You will also need to cancel with our office via fax, email, or website at by the 10th of the current month.  No refunds will be issued for unused parking or failure to properly notify your benefit provider of your termination. Late cancellations are not accepted from customers enrolled in the pre-tax benefit programs (Wage Works or Commuter Check). 


Return Permit/Access Card: Your permit and/or access card must be returned to Preferred Parking Service office after your last day of parking. If your permit and or access card is not received within two weeks after the cancellation date, you will be subject to a fine (see fee schedule) to be charged to the method of payment on file. Finally, Preferred Parking Service reserves the right to wheel lock and/or tow any vehicle found failing to comply with the Rules and Regulations or the monthly parking contract.


Please Mail to:


Preferred Parking Service, LLC

128 S. Tryon Street, Suite 1560

Charlotte, NC 28202


Fee Schedule:


$ 3.50  Website Convenience Fee

$ 5.00  Non-Refundable Administration Fee at Sign-up

$ 15.00  Permit Replacement Fee

$ 15.00  Late Cancellation Fee (21st – 27th of the Month)

$ 15.00 - $ 35.00 Non-Refundable Access Card Activation Fee

$ 15.00  Administrative Fee for Cancellation within the first 3 days of inital signup

$ 25.00  Return Payment Fee (Credit/Debit Card, Draft (ACH) & Checks)

$ 25.00  Permit/Access Card NOT Returned within two weeks of Cancellation Date

$ 25.00 - $ 35.00 Non-Refundable Access Card Replacement Fee


Disclaimer: Preferred Parking Service reserves the right to terminate parking privileges, without notice for non-payment of parking fees or for those who fail to abide by these rules and regulations. Preferred Parking Service or the owners of any Preferred Parking Service facility cannot assure personal safety for its parking users and specifically disclaims any responsibility for any damage to vehicle or contents for any reason whatsoever.  Preferred Parking Service will wheel lock or tow any vehicle found failing to comply with these rules and regulations.


*Preferred Parking Service reserves the right to modify these policies, procedures, and pricing at any time without notice.