Preferred Parking Service, LLC
Rules and Regulations

1414 RailYard Parking Facility

Parking Rules and Regulations


Facility Overview

  The 1414 RailYard Facility is an above ground, enclosed parking structure located at 1414 South Tryon Street. The facility offers transient and monthly parking to both the tenants and visitors of the RailYard, as well as the public. The garage is open to all parkers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


  RailYard is a smoke free facility – this includes the garage and the perimeter of the building. All types of smoking are prohibited, including but not limited to tobacco and vaping. Smoking of any kind on the premises may result in being banned from the site.  Please note alcohol consumption/sales are also prohibited in the garage.


Vehicle Access Points

Access to the parking garage by vehicle is possible at Bland Street or Winona Street. Monthly access is available in all entrance and exit lanes.


Overhead/Vertical Clearance

Level 1 ungated clearance is 8’ 0”

Level 2 and above gated clearance is 7’ 0”



Parking Rules

Line Straddling/Multi-Space Use

Vehicles parked in a manner that affects another user’s ability to park in an adjacent space will be cited for line straddling/multi-space use. This facility has compact and regularly sized parking spaces, please ensure you are parking in a space designed for your vehicle. Users are responsible for parking appropriately within the lines.  



As a mixed-use parking facility, it draws event-parking business during varying times and days. When an event occurs during the business day, the facility becomes congested and some exiting or entering delays may occur. Event Parking rates will vary by event. Monthly parkers may utilize the facility for no additional fees during events.  Please note there is no tailgating/loitering allowed unless this has been pre-approved by parking and property management.


Long Term Vehicle Storage

Vehicles stored in the facility more than 48 contiguous hours at any time are subject to ticketing, vehicle immobilization, towing and/or additional fees. Monthly parkers needing to store their vehicles for longer than 48 hours must inform management and receive approval in advance. This facility offers short term monthly and daily parking, intended for daily use, not long-term vehicle storage.


Broken Down & Project Cars 

Vehicles that appear to be broken down or are broken down as well as vehicles that are open projects or appear to be project cars are prohibited. All vehicles with fluid leaks, flat tires, broken windows or excessive dust collection are subject to ticketing, immobilization or towing at vehicle owners’ expense.


Simultaneous Use of access

The assigned access device entitles each user the use of one parking space in the facility at a time; therefore, simultaneous use of monthly access by more than one vehicle is strictly prohibited. Violations to this policy could result in additional fees and/or the revocation of the parking privilege.


NO monthly pass sharing.  Only the person registered on the account is allowed to use the monthly device.


Facility Speed Limit

The speed limit for the garage is 5 miles per hour. With limited visibility throughout the garage, all drivers must strictly observe the speed limit. Vehicles/Users observed operating a vehicle in an unsafe manner may be cited, fined and/or have their parking privileges revoked.


Storage Other Than Vehicles

Storage of any items other than a street legal, registered automobile is prohibited. The authorization to park a vehicle in the garage does not give subjugate right to the space inside the garage. Therefore, storage of any other item inside the garage is prohibited, this includes but is not limited to the following items vehicle parts, toolboxes, ladders, furniture, bicycles, and off-road vehicles such as UTV’s, ATV’s, 4-wheelers, 3-wheelers, golf carts etc. Any stored items will be discarded.


Trailer Parking

The parking system and equipment are designed for use by automobiles only and are not configured to serve any additional axles. Towing a trailer through the garage equipment is not permitted. Parking a trailer inside the facility is also forbidden.


Vehicle Service / Maintenance / Cleaning

Performing service/maintenance/detailing on any vehicle inside the garage is strictly prohibited. This includes, but is not limited to car washes, detail/dry detail, waxing/buffing/polishing, painting, sanding, all mechanical repairs, all service and any other maintenance or aesthetic efforts.


License Plate and Recognition

Vehicle license plates, registrations, inspections, and insurance must be up to date and in compliance with state laws.  This facility prohibits the use of a parking space as long term storage, therefore; vehicles that are no longer “road worthy” will not be permitted to remain in the garage and will be subject immobilization or towing at the vehicle owners’ expense.


Drop Off Lane

RailYard has a drop off lane on P1 directly in front of the building entrance for drop-offs and quick deliveries. This lane is limited to 15 minute parking and vehicles left in the lane longer than 15 minutes are subject to be ticketed or towed.



Monthly Parking


All monthly parkers are enrolled through Preferred Parking Service via www.PreferredParking.com . You will be required to provide all necessary data (such as license tag numbers) of any vehicles that you may drive as well as daytime telephone numbers, mailing address, and company name. Customers are responsible for assuring all information is up to date. In the event the garage is full, a wait list will be maintained in the management office.



Parkers can change credit/debit card information by signing into your account on our website at www.preferredparking.com or by contacting our office.  Draft (ACH) changes cannot be made on the website. Please contact our office for these changes.  All account information must be updated by the 27th of the current month in order to be effective for the upcoming month.  Please note that you are not able to make a payment online at this time.


Preferred Parking Service accepts payments from the pre-tax benefit providers of Wage Works and Commuter Check.  Parkers must adhere to their benefit provider’s adjustment deadline timeframes.


There is a $25.00 fee for access card replacement for lost or damaged cards/FOBs.


Return Fee

There is a return payment fee of $25.00 on all returned payments (this includes checks, draft (ACH), and credit/debit card payments).




Cancellation of Parking

Monthly parkers must provide written notice to Preferred Parking Service of their intent to cancel their parking privilege by the 20th of their last month of parking, in order for the cancellation to be effective for the following month. Cancellations received on or after the 21st and will be assessed a late cancellation fee of $15.00. No cancellations of parking are possible after the 27th of each month. WageWorks customers must cancel their parking through the WageWorks program by the 10th day of the month preceding the month of cancellation. There are no refunds for unused parking. 


Change Orders for Group Accounts

After initial set up, there is a $20.00 fee for any change made to any individual within a group account or to the entire group account. This $20.00 fee is charged for including but not limited to reactivating/deactivating access cards, adding additional access cards, name changes or reassignments.  


Requests to deactivate an access card will be facilitated immediately or up to 1 business day later.  All other administrative changes including but not limited to reassignments, activations, reactivations, name changes or other changes must be requested in writing 5 business days before the change is requested to be effective. Changes including accessibility changes for more that 15 individuals must be made 30 days in advance. Individuals being reassigned an access card should not be granted access to the facility until the change order is complete.


Safety and Security

Since the facility is an enclosed garage, parkers are encouraged to turn on their headlights when driving in the facility.

Unlocked vehicles and vehicles with clearly visible valuables are attractors for crime and can contribute significantly to the number of incidents at a property.  As such, Parkers are encouraged to remove and/or store all valuables out of sight and lock their vehicles at all times.  Victims of criminal behavior are asked to report the incidents to local authorities.  Please remain vigilant when in the garage and report anything suspicious.


Ownership, Building and Parking management specifically disclaim all liability for any cause whatsoever. Parking is at vehicle owner’s risk, no bailment created.

Any vehicle parked in or using the facility that is deemed to be posing any type of threat or risk to other parkers or the facility may be towed or cited without notice at owner’s expense.



It is the policy of management and ownership to hold the perpetrator of any acts of vandalism to or on the property financially accountable by whatever means necessary up to and including prosecution to the fullest extent of the law.  Vandalism includes, but is not limited to, equipment and gate tampering – fines start at $1,000 for tampering with the gate/parking equipment.


Ticketing and Towing

Parking Management company has a parking enforcement division which will patrol and issue parking citations in the facility for varying offenses including but not limited to violation of above rules and regulations, safety and security concerns, etc.  Parking citations must be appealed in writing by following the appeals process on the reverse of the citation, or emailing ppsnotices@preferredparking.com. Vehicles receiving repeated citations are subject to vehicle immobilization and/or towing without notice at owner’s expense.



Parking management is the only entity empowered to affect ticketing, wheel locking or towing at this property.  As such, disaffected parkers must contact parking management to alert them to situations requiring the above processes.  Only parking management will request the towing of vehicles from the facility spaces, no other entity is empowered to enact this process.  The tow provider for this location is listed below.


S & R Wrecker

1540 S. Mint Street
Charlotte, NC 28203
(704) 333-4555



Preferred Parking Service, LLC reserves the right to terminate parking privileges, without notice for non-payment of parking fees or for those who fail to abide by these Rules and Regulations.  Preferred Parking Service or the owners of any Preferred Parking Service facility cannot assure personal safety for its parking users and specifically disclaims any responsibility for any damage to vehicle or contents for any reason whatsoever.


Preferred Parking reserves the right to modify these policies and procedures at any time without notice.


Parking Operated By:

Preferred Parking Service, LLC

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Charlotte, NC 28281

(800) 313 – PARK

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