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Parking Consulting

How many parking spaces do I need for my mixed-use facility?
What equipment should we install?
How can we better manage ingress and egress?

Every day, we answer these questions and more for our clients.

The overall success of parking facility heavily depends on its design, layout and equipment. As a firm that manages parking for hundreds of properties, we have a deep understanding of the intricacies in parking.

Our experts can readily identify and predict a range of issues that may hinder your site's operation in the future and provide you with effective and implementable solutions. This proactive approach to parking saves our clients major time and money. We also analyze current parking sites and provide real solutions to dramatically improve the operation.

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Our Expertise

Design & Planning
  • Layout and Design
  • Site Evaluation
  • PARCS Equipment Selection
    (Parking Access Revenue Control System)
  • Parking Supply/Demand Analysis
  • EV Solutions
  • Space Delegation
  • Equipment Bidding
  • Ingress / Egress
  • Industry Regulations
  • Efficient Gate Cycle Time
Management & Leasing
  • Enforcement Plans
  • Revenue Reporting and Forecasting
  • Rate Structuring
  • Tenant/Client/Customer Management
  • Using Mobile Payment Vendors
  • Supervision of Capital Improvements
  • Budget Management
  • Minimizing Equipment Downtime

The Preferred Difference

Knowledge & Experience

Over the past 60 years, we have developed a deep understanding of the intricacies of parking. With more than one hundred years of combined parking leadership experience in parking, our team possesses a skill set that can only be learned from real-life parking experience.


As a firm that owns property, and manages parking, we are well-versed on the challenges facing property owners. An effective parking consultant considers every viewpoint and provides implementable solutions that work for all parties. From commuters, to visitors, to tenants, to landlords, we provide encompassing solutions that match the property's needs.

Trust &

At Preferred Parking, our clients come first, and we always keep our client's best interest in mind. Our team is fully committed to the success of each property we manage, so our clients can sit back and relax, trusting in our many years of experience and commitment to excellence on every level of our operation.

Effective Solutions for Your Property

Your parking consultant should have a solid understanding of both user experience and property management. Our solutions are based on real experience and knowledge we've gained over the past 60 years in this industry.

Technology and Equipment Selection

Equipment is an investment that will affect every user for years to come

Choosing the right equipment is the easiest way to make or break your parking operation. Our unbiased approach to equipment selection is based on daily performance and years of experience. Our team carefully studies each property to recommend the equipment that will best satisfy the site's current and future needs.

Parking Designs and Schematics

Your parking design should stand the test of time.

Small adjustments can make a world of difference in parking designs. Through advanced planning, we provide solutions to maximize spaces, increase maneuverability and create a highly effective parking design for many years to come.

Ingress & Egress Management

Continuous flow of traffic is essential for user experience

With 6 decades of experience in the parking industry, we have developed a range of creative solutions to manage ingress and egress. We regularly provide our clients with effective techniques and strategies to promote flow throughout the site, satisfying users and property owners alike.